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Cheez-It snack mix crackers and boxes

Cheez-It® Snack Mix

Taste, Textures and FUN!

Taste, Textures and FUN!

Cheez-It® Snack Mix is great for sharing and makes a delicious anytime snack. Perfectly seasoned and made with 100% real cheese, they are a classic family favorite that's perfect for kids and adults. Cheez-It® Snack Mixes make a tasty bite at home or on the go and are ideal in a backpack, lunch box, or as a party mix. Satisfy your snack cravings no matter your mood:

  • Classic: Cheez-It® Snack Mix Classic features a tasty combination of crackers, salty pretzels, mini toasted bread slices, wheat squares, and cheese-flavored rice puffs.
  • Extra Cheesy: Cheez-It® Snack Mix Double Cheese is a perfectly seasoned snack mix of white cheddar crackers, Cheez-It® Original crackers, salty pretzels, mini toasted bread slices, and crunchy cheese curls.

What Our Fans Are Saying

Double Cheese Cheez-It Snack Mix is my go-to choice to add crunch to a lunchtime meal or for an afternoon snack between meals. The snack mix does not crumble in my lunch box between home and work.