Frequently Asked Questions

We start with enriched wheat flour, add a hint of paprika, and a few other ingredients that give Cheez-It® crackers their bold flavor. We then add our freshly shredded cheese and mix. After mixing, the batch joins other bins of mixed dough in a ‘proofing room’ where the dough ferments to allow the delicious flavors to develop.

After the cracker dough rests, it is flattened by rollers into thin sheets, cut, and layered into pastry-like perfection. A savory dose of salt is then layered wide across the entire dough sheet before running through a conveyor belt that sends the giant imprinted sheets into a massive oven. Afterward, through a unique process, Cheez-It® crackers are cut into the 1x1 inch squares of bite-sized cheesy, crunchy goodness we know and love!

The center “docker hole” is one of the key design features that makes it instantly recognizable as a Cheez-It® cracker. It also helps release air and moisture as the crackers bake.

Cheez-It® was first launched in 1921, rightfully named Cheez-It® because they are made with 100% real cheese!

All Cheez-It® crackers use cheese made with skim milk, except White Cheddar Cheez-It® crackers which use White Cheddar cheese made with full-fat milk.

For additional information regarding the ingredients used in Cheez-It® crackers, including Cheez-It® Snap’d® crackers, and Cheez-It® Puff’d® Snacks, please refer to SmartLabels on each product page for the most recent ingredient lists.

One of the primary ingredients in Cheez-It® snack crackers is 100% real dairy cheese, making Cheez-It® crackers not vegan.

While there are dozens of reasons why our beloved Cheez-It® crackers are absurdly delicious, we believe it is the perfect combination of cheesy, crunchy goodness, and being baked to perfection!

From wearables, like hoodies and hats, to can koozies, find your favorite Cheez-It® merch at our Cheez-It® HQ location:

We do not have an official Cheez-It® holiday. Although June 4 is National Cheese Day, we think every day is the perfect day to celebrate Cheez-It®!

Cheez voices Cheez, who else? It’s his voice!

Unfortunately, we do not have a lower sodium offering at this time.

As the cheeziest sponsor of college football with 6 consecutive years of Cheez-It Bowl action, we’re bringing the cheese to Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL on Monday January 1, 2024. Learn more at!